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Some of my worst records spark worst meme ever

I made this short video to showcase some of my worst/cheesiest/most embarassing records back in July this year

That’s what you get being a charity shop scrounger with too many 50ps to spend. A friend has recently commented that the zydeco record on there sounds like “fruit machine music”. Bang on my friend.

My mate Chris who runs the rather excellent gear and music site Oh Drat! posted up a reply

…which sparked the most minor internet craze ever. I say internet craze, it was more like a funny turn. After a reply from MR Texas Pete of El Paso Switzerland, the old and decrepit (or wise and venerable, depending on whether you want him to do you a favour) DJ Sigma posted the vid on the sadly forgotten DJ Forums which elicited a single, final death throw for the genre.

What a whirlwind few days.


The Temptations – Ain’t Too Proud To Beg (Pinot Filter Vintage Re-Love)

This was dropped a few months ago on that lovely site AOR Disco. Looking at its history I can’t quite work out who did what and which version you’re listening to here:

It looks like young London-based producers Pinot + Grigio did a re-edit of the Tempations’ classic and Ben Zaven Crane of Mojo Filter then worked soem of his magic on it, resulting in the finished article you see above. This is an absolute stonker of a track. Despite the David Guetta-esque pumping kicks and grinding electro-bass, David Ruffin’s rasping, soulful vocals come through riding over the top and meshing in beatifully.

This is a dancefloor banger, pure and simple. Forget your cold, minimal techno beats and let yourself go to this.

Digger’s Diary – Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO

Back in May I was at a wedding in St. Louis and I took the chance to visit one of my favourite record shops on planet Earth. And before you ask, yes I have visited all the record shops on Earth. Vintage Vinyl is based in a massive shop in the hip  Loop district that a lot of UK shops would kill for. Here is a picture:

I only had an hour in there so I hit the bargain section hard looking for some stuff you can’t get in the UK. Last time I got some killer Zydeco LPs but this time pickin’s were somewhat slimmer. I am, however, well pleased with these two:

Ricky Lee Jones’ self titled 1979 debut which was worth the 99c for the cover alone

and the second noteworthy record was Bootsy – Collins’ Shyne-o-myte

How has nobody ever sampled this? To be fair they might have but Whosampled says no. Finally I did what every respectable digger does: I bought a record with a killer title on spec:


Jimmy Nelson – I Sat and Cried

In 2007 I had the dumb luck of finding myself in the magnificent city of Chicago during the legendary Chicago Blues Festival. I remember seeing a few people wearing a t-shirt with a (probably famous) quote on the back which I’m going to attempt to paraphrase:

“Heartbreak, loneliness, despair. And you can dance to it”

I think that quote sums up all you need to know about this song:

This is me

Today is my 26th birthday.

I’m going to start a blog about music which should give you an idea of my tastes. It’s designed to get me more DJ work. Let’s see how that goes.