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Does anyone fancy collaborating on a mystery remix?

While staying at my Dad’s for Christmas I spend many a happy hour browsing through his records for hidden classics. I’m always amazed at how I can find new (to me) records every time I go round, despite him having only about 200 pieces.

Anyway, I came across an early ‘Best Of’ of a female singer who I’d never heard of. After a little Googling it turns out she had one monster hit in ’78 but never really managed to follow it up, despite a career that continues to this day. Anyway, there was this one acapella track on her Best Of which reminded me of Florence and the Machine and would make a great remix or re-edit in the right hands. I’d probably murder it.

I’m not going to post the song because I reckon this has real legs and don’t want to throw it to the wolves. This needs the right treatment. If anyone fancies having a go then get in touch!