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Brick – Dazz: variations on a theme

I picked up this classic funk joint this week to play out at the weekend (more of which tomorrow, or check my Tweeder feed!).

I just love that three-hit drum intro. D-d-dum. I like to cut that in a bit using my entry level scratch skills. This has been sampled a fair bit in hip hop, including in two of my alltymefaves. Cinderfella Dana Dane

This one slows down the sample quite a lot and treats it somehow to boost and cut certain parts. I’ve also heard it’s a straight interpolation.

The second flip is from No Vaseline by O’Shea Jackson Icebert Cubington. Ah how I long for hard hitting battle records. And how much of a killer opening line is this? I think Cube is one of the best at delivering an opening line.

“It was once said by a man who couldn’t quit…”

“Here’s a little something ’bout a n!gg@ like me/Never should have been let out the penetentiary.”

“I heard payback’s a mutherfuck!ng n!gg@…”

Any other favourite Brick flips?


Hip hop’s nicest sample flips – Dana Dane