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Tanya Morgan – Rock The Bells

Just encountered the new track from these guys. I think the production (handled by god-knows-who) is kind of so-so. Sort of generic and with the heavy handprint of an someone banging away on an MPC. However, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Von Pea (on the first verse) is my favourite post-2000 rapper full stop. Donwill (second verse) ain’t far behind.


DJ Format ft. Sureshot La Rock – Remember (Beatbox Version)

Here’s a sneak preview of a new DJ Format track set to be released in April. The cover art is slick

I say cover art. It’s actually a “playable postcard”. I wonder if that’s like those flexi-discs you used to get in the Record Mirror…

The actual Format release is  Terror featuring Mr. Lif on the mic and Spaceship with Edan guesting. The piece that tickles my earbuds is a beatbox version of Sureshot. Check out the retro beatboxing on this number! Beat the hell out of the “look-at-me” beatboxers who hum their way through tracks before getting bored and going on 20-minute interpretations of a Phil-Collins-meets-Roni-Size 808 drum solo.

You’ll have to sign up to Slice of Spice’s mailing list to find out when this release drop and pre-order it.

Go Action Bronson Go Go Go Go!

Mr. Action Bronson has recorded himself saying some poetry over a rhthmic beat created by Mr.  Statik Selectah.

I really like this, more part one that part two. Because Mr. Bronson has had a hit with Shiraz, I’ve asked guest blogger and bug-eyed wine foghorn Oly Smith to review this first section for me.

Action Bronson has been working with Statik Selektah for over a year now and this beat really pulls out all the stops (haha!). I’m getting Boyz II Men on the nose with lots of powerful, punchy gogo drums to really cut through the fattiness of the duck. The finish is bright, crisp and leaves a clean moutfeel with a new jack swing aftertaste. Although this is a white rapper, the flow packs a lot of the beef and swagger of a more rubust, black rapper. think Ghostface Killah, think Raekwon and you’ll have a good idea of where this is going!