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Ay-ya-ya-yam dreemin’…

Being a child of the 90s I thought that the song “White Christmas” was the Drifters’ version as featured in the unforgettable scene in Home Alone where he’s slapping aftershave on and sees Buzz’s tarantula.

Many years later I tragically found out that the original was some tragic dirge.

Let’s bop along to the real original. Everybody now: I’m shoop shoop dreamin’ shoop of a white shoop shoop Christmas!…


The best of a good bunch

What were you doing in 1942? Probably not chipping in with the war effort I’ll bet, but that’s OK, I forgive you. Al Dexter was busy writing a song called Pistol Packin’ Mama about a woman who wields firearms for fun. This song has been covered many times with varying degrees of success but this version by The Hurricanes really swings. Yeah, that sounds like something Marge Simpson would say – what of it?

When the inevitable call comes from Brucie asking me to appear on Strictly I’m choosing this as my song for the Jive.