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Tanya Morgan – Rock The Bells

Just encountered the new track from these guys. I think the production (handled by god-knows-who) is kind of so-so. Sort of generic and with the heavy handprint of an someone banging away on an MPC. However, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Von Pea (on the first verse) is my favourite post-2000 rapper full stop. Donwill (second verse) ain’t far behind.


Matt Nice – End of 2011 Mix

Bit late on this one but I was rocking this mix over new years and forgot to share. It’s a mix of rock, pop, funk and soul edits mixed with a bit of housey electroey stuff by the king of white boy funk Matt Nice.

Listen here on Mixcloud

Matt is the operator and boss of the maverick blog Edit Records. He’s also recently become a father so spare a thought for him and his lack of sleep as you bop along to this.

You can also catch Matt rocking out at The Phenominal Handclap Band’s gig at Hooga in Chelmsford on 1st March.

Bringing you the best in not very new music

I get accused of living in the eighties man! If that was true I’d still be wearing short trousers and eating Postman Pat pasta shapes with Ghostbusters cutlery. Hang on a minute…

But those days are behind me man. I have done my research and this song was made as recently as 2009. Remember 2009? Gordon Brown was still PM and nobody had heard of Jedward (until the autumn of that year). Stone’s Throw just don’t put out bad music do they?

So the synths are a little cheezy and the samples are decades old. That video just makes me wanna take a dip in the pool.