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PSK we’re making that scream

Schooly D’s first, self-titled album was one of my first vinyl purchases ever because it had both PSK and Gucci Time. For a couple of years now I’ve had a remix idea in my head of doing a kind of horrorcore version of PSK with a beat made of horror sound effects like multi-pitched screams, creaking doors, groans, lightning for claps and stuff. The vocals on the track have a kind of spacey, otherworldly quality that take your mind away from the realist subject matter – I just think a spooky remix would do it justice it’s Hallowe’en to boot.

Alas, my remixing abilities aren’t up to much and I’ve never been able to find a clean vocal of that track. Looks like I’ll have to learn a few tricks before you get to hear this treat!



Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and the Trinity but not Grace Slick

I discovered this dusty LP in my collection and had no idea where it came from so I stuck it on.

Its sound can pretty much be summed up as swinging 60s London psychedelia. Brian Auger was a very good keyboard player (“organist” as my Dad said) and Julie Driscoll was a Felicity Kensington-esque shagadelic model who did guest vocals on this. It’s half covers (This Wheel’s on Fire, Season of the Witch, Tramp) and half original stuff. It’s makes for a pretty good listen as a “sound of an era” type thing. Her voice really reminds me of Grace Slick.

Ade Edmunson asked her to re-record her version of This Wheel’s on Fire for the Absolutely Fabulous theme tune (which is the first time I ever heard it!).

DJ Sigma – 79

When you think about the top 20 or so hip-hop DJs working in the south Staffordshire area today, you will eventually come to DJ Sigma. This former milk-float stunt driver has been scouring planet earth and has colelcted every single rap song released in 1979, as far as we can tell, and mixed them up.Why 1979? Well you fools, that was the first year to see a hip-hop record released (arguably).

I urge you to check out this scratch genius at work. This man wrote the manual on how to make these kind of mixes.

Download: –



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Blast from the past

Somebody reminded me of this song today.

It really is a beautiful song. Reminds me of when I lived in France. I started going to “guitar club” which was basically me and this other dude meeting up to mess about on guitar. He was a massively talented multi-instrumentalist and I am me so with the disparity in ability  it bascially became a personal tutoring session. I think I spent about two months trying to master this song which has basically two patterns and three chords.

When I came back from France I bought decks.

Anyway, the song is about a man called Paul Robeson who was also phenomenally talented. He was a qualified lawyer, all-American college football star, professional NFL player, celebrated actor, civil-rights activist and all-round good dude but his legacy was long-forgotten due to his outspoken support for socialism and communism during the cold war.

Forgotten gems – I’m On FIYAH!

I had a little browse around my local charity shops this weekend and found a copy of Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA for a quid.

This isn’t exactly a rare record (it was number 1 in 10 countries and went 15x platinum in the US alone) but I’ve never owned a copy. I knew most of the tracks on there but had totally forgotten about the existence of I’m on Fire which brought memories of my dad’s car tape flooding back.

This is one of those rare songs that actually leaves you wanting more as it fades out.

It’s a perfect expression of desire and yearning – equal in my book to The Smiths’ Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want which also tails off half way through leaving you begging for another verse.

Albert King – Cold Feet sample part 1

This has to be one of my all-time favourite samples in hip hop. The original is so soulful and that comes through in the sample.


Sample: Ultimate Force – I’m Not Playing

This has been used again in one of my favourite vocal performances in hip hop ever so stay tuned for part 2!

Did you ever notice something new in a – PARKLIFE!

Just a quick one.

Have you ever been listening to a song that you know off by heart, only to hear something you never noticed before?

Case in point: Blur’s Parklife has a saxophone quite low in the mix. It kicks in at about 37 seconds as Phil Daniels says: “John’s got brewer’s droop, he gets intimidated…”.

More mind blowing facts some other time fact fans.