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The Old Grey Whistle Rip-Off

Spotify is good isn’t it? You can be listening to a track by, say, Todd Rundgren:

And you notice that said track is on a compilation called The Old Grey Whistle Test along with such pumping club bangers as Warren Zevon’s Kid Rock sample fodder Werewolves in London; Dumb and Dumber singalong special Mockingbird and Joe Walsh’s proggy, AOR, reggae-pop-rock THINGIE Life’s Been Good:

I think James Taylor might have been on something in that last video. Anyway, the compilation looked so good that I was almost tempted to do something I have only done twice before – pay for digital music. Unfortunately the download was £8.49 for some lossy files so I’m going to download them for free instead, which is illegal. I hope Amazon’s proud of themselves! I suppose I could always buy the CD for a bargainous £15, or get a used CD from Play for £6.99!


Have you ever noticed? Part 3.

Have you ever noticed…

That in Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth”, Steve Stills’s vocals are on the left channel only.

So…yeah. No link? No. Because I can’t find a version that has this on, except on Mildboy’s recent West Coast Mix for AOR Disco.

So, err, have a great Saturday night!

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