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Oh and another thing!

A couple of weeks ago me, and two other sat down with a bottle of wine, some Pringles and a recorder I stole from work to record a “pod” cast under the pseudonym Muppet Babies. The other two are Cambian and Dooban. You will remember them from such photos as every photo on this blog.

It’s quite long and offputting. But the podcaverse has been awash with “hype” about this.

I need to move this blog/sort it out because I can’t embed the player but please, please, please click this image and imagine it works.


The List

For a long time I’ve been keeping track of terrible DJ names. I’ve written them down in a big long sequence with one name following another and so on to form a “list”. In the interest of fairness I’ve also compiled a smaller list of excellent DJ names. Some of these have links, most don’t. I’m not that diligent.


To be compiled at a later date


DJ Scotch Egg

DJ Bus Replacement Service

DJ Fruit Polo


I can’t say for sure if they’re actually good DJs or not. Just their names.

I’m still working on making this a functional DJ site but I’m busy with actual DJing and work, uni, fixing punctures, applying for credit cards. Got knocked off my bike this week. Watch this space. No watch the space below, containing Ray Stevens’s The Streak.