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Digger’s diary: the charity shops of South London, 11/02/12

Yesterday I was bored so I equipped myself with £20 and went on a trawl of my local charity shops from Balham right up to Clapham North.

Pickings were slim. Apart from a good amount of spoken word/comedy/novelty in one shop which would have been perfect for my next Bleepmix, it was the same old same old of 80s pop, crap 90s dance and classical boxset after classical boxset. I think half of any charity shop’s stock is 90s dance and classical. The classical comes in when old people die. The house from when middle aged people clear out their loft and chuck out the 10 dance 12″s they had, their Kam decks and their popped inflatable chair.

There was also a bizarre amount of Shakespeare’s Sister knocking about.

Anyway, I did pick up one curio: Doug E. Fresh’s The Show b/w Ladi Dadi. This seminal rap double-A-sider was one of my first favourite records but I’ve only ever had it on 7″ so I parted with TWO WHOLE POUNDS for it. In a charity shop. I know right!

Listen to the tunes now:

Look how young Slick Rick (reppin’ Wimbledon) is!!

Discogs tells me there were two runs of the record I got (COOLX 116).

There are two pressings of this release with the same sleeve and label. The only way to tell them apart is to examine the run-out groove.

The first run has a printed (stamped) catalogue number followed by a slash then 1 420 (a-side) or 2 420 (b-side). The second run has a hand-written COOLX-116-A or B catalogue number and no other numbers are shown.

It is important to differentiate these pressings as the second run features an edited version of “La Di Da Di” which, for licensing reasons, lacks the interpolation of A Taste of Honey’s “Sukiyaki” (“It’s all because of you, I’m feeling sad and blue…”). It has also a radio-edited version of “La Di Da Di” in place of the instrumental of “The Show”.

But get this! My version is labelled as having Ladi Dadi and then an instrumental of The Show on the B-side. However, it just has the same version of Ladi Dadi twice! ZOMG!

I’m probably sitting on a super rare mispressing here. I shall alert Record Collector first thing tomorrow. For the time being this blog post shall serve as proof that the record exists so if the house is broken into tonight and they find my mutilated body slumped over my crates in the morning, you’ll know what they were after!


Forgotten gems – I’m On FIYAH!

I had a little browse around my local charity shops this weekend and found a copy of Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA for a quid.

This isn’t exactly a rare record (it was number 1 in 10 countries and went 15x platinum in the US alone) but I’ve never owned a copy. I knew most of the tracks on there but had totally forgotten about the existence of I’m on Fire which brought memories of my dad’s car tape flooding back.

This is one of those rare songs that actually leaves you wanting more as it fades out.

It’s a perfect expression of desire and yearning – equal in my book to The Smiths’ Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want which also tails off half way through leaving you begging for another verse.

Some of my worst records spark worst meme ever

I made this short video to showcase some of my worst/cheesiest/most embarassing records back in July this year

That’s what you get being a charity shop scrounger with too many 50ps to spend. A friend has recently commented that the zydeco record on there sounds like “fruit machine music”. Bang on my friend.

My mate Chris who runs the rather excellent gear and music site Oh Drat! posted up a reply

…which sparked the most minor internet craze ever. I say internet craze, it was more like a funny turn. After a reply from MR Texas Pete of El Paso Switzerland, the old and decrepit (or wise and venerable, depending on whether you want him to do you a favour) DJ Sigma posted the vid on the sadly forgotten DJ Forums which elicited a single, final death throw for the genre.

What a whirlwind few days.