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Albert King – Cold Feet sample part 2

I had to revisit this cracking blues number because it was also used in Chubb Rock’s “Just The Two Of Us”. For my money Chubb Rock is one of the all-time underrated MCs in hip hop. His line “she went all Vanessa Del Rio on me” got into my head like an earworm. The only problem was I didn’t know who she was so I Googled her. At Work. Don’t do that.


Sample: Chubb Rock’s – Just The Two Of Us

Check out the frat boys dancing in the Chubbster’s video. Slick. You can also see part one of this “series” here.


Albert King – Cold Feet sample part 1

This has to be one of my all-time favourite samples in hip hop. The original is so soulful and that comes through in the sample.


Sample: Ultimate Force – I’m Not Playing

This has been used again in one of my favourite vocal performances in hip hop ever so stay tuned for part 2!