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Drums I could dance to for days

THUMP! The primal beat of the drum rings out across the savanna. THUMP! It goes again. Compelling the body to move to its powerful rhythm. THUMP! Like the human heart, the drums counts out the pace at which we live our lives. B-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D WOOOOOOOAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH. A terrible death metal band rehearse in a studio near your house and pollute your precious ears with blast beats.

My good friend, faithful roadie, drum and bass caliph and aspiring Charlie Brown impersonator Cambian has just finished another of his celebrated mixes which contains “more drums”. Once I’d managed to work out what he meant, it got me thinking about how much I love just a drumbeat. I’ve already mentioned my thoughts about putting together a pure drums/vox hip-hop mix because when they’re done well they can carry a song.

I only discovered this track within the last year – Ripple’s A Funky Song. The break at 02:34 has been sampled lots of times in hip hop and with good reason. I ended up playing this out at the weekend and the funkiest part, the bit where you can’t help but move is the break.

Maybe you could get two copies of the record and play on of them so it’s just the break part then quickly play the other record on a second turntable then while that’s playing spin the first record back to the start and play that again after the second break and OMIGODIJUSTHADTHEBESTIDEAEVERTHISISGONNABEHUGE


Bad meaning good?

I can’t get this song out of my head. Damn, this is such a stone cold classic. My workmate said they used to sing this in her school assemblies. I guess that makes it totally uncool but that’s not usually something that puts me off.

It’s amazing what 6 chords, a little shuffle and a killer voice can do. Croce was in his late 20s by the time he had signed a deal and had actually lived a life. I can’t take 19-year-old singer-songwriters seriously becasue what have you experienced aged 19? There’s no pain in your voice and no story behind the music. Usually.

I’d love for this song to be my kareoke standard but it’s too hard to sing for my weaksauce voice.


I used to live in France right near the b0arder with Luxembourg. What’s Luxembourg ever done for us except…become a tax haven that people always confuse with Liechtenstein? Well it has a thriving [DISCLAIMER – NOT BASED ON FACT] hip hop scene.

The shining light to come out of that is M. Toxic René. He spits in French but with a Luxembourgeois dialect (can’t you tell, sillies?) and plays all his own instruments, does all his own stunts and owns a neck lantern and braces for safety reasons. In his own words: “Je m’appelle René et je suis une star.”

This is funnier of you understand French and even funnier if you have more than a passing familiarity with Luxembourg French.

Sample fodder?

Whenever I hear a track with a nice break or section in, I always make a note. This isn’t because I’m some superproducer who is making the next Endtroducing. I just imagine myself like that to justify buying ridiculously over-featured production gear if I had the money.

The latest example of this comes from the unlikeliest of places: Jerry Reed’s 1973 cover of Folsom Prison Blues

Just at 4 seconds as the cowbell kicks in for one (or maybe two?) bars…amiright?

Go Action Bronson Go Go Go Go!

Mr. Action Bronson has recorded himself saying some poetry over a rhthmic beat created by Mr.  Statik Selectah.

I really like this, more part one that part two. Because Mr. Bronson has had a hit with Shiraz, I’ve asked guest blogger and bug-eyed wine foghorn Oly Smith to review this first section for me.

Action Bronson has been working with Statik Selektah for over a year now and this beat really pulls out all the stops (haha!). I’m getting Boyz II Men on the nose with lots of powerful, punchy gogo drums to really cut through the fattiness of the duck. The finish is bright, crisp and leaves a clean moutfeel with a new jack swing aftertaste. Although this is a white rapper, the flow packs a lot of the beef and swagger of a more rubust, black rapper. think Ghostface Killah, think Raekwon and you’ll have a good idea of where this is going!

DJ Prince – a northern soul

I’ve just found out about a guy called DJ Prince. He seems to be a big deal in his native Norway but this is the first I’ve heard of him – no surprises there then. His SoundCloud has some great reworks and mashups so I’ve helped myself. It’s pretty dancefloor friendly and some of it is straight out clubcheese so have a root around and see what takes your fancy.

Thanks Mr. Prince!

Me at the Antelope, Tooting Sat 28th – funk, soul etc…

I’ll be DJing at the Antleope in Tooting this Saturday 28th playing funk, soul and general party tunes. Come on down, 8 till late!

Nearest tube is Tooting Broadway, about 2 mins away.


There will also apparently be a photographer there taking pictures of me and interviewing me. I am not making this up.