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Digger’s Diary – Manchester 24/03/2012

Having been blessed with a giant ball of yellow fire shining directly on Manchester’s fat, smoky, head, I decided to get myself to Gigg Lane in Bury to take in the atmosphere of a game of association football. Specifically FC United of Manchester (Google it!) versus Matlock.  The result was the right one and the game itself electrifying, but I’ll spare you the details, seeing as you don’t come here to read about that kind of thing.

I found myself in town beforehand with an hour to spare took the rare opportunity to rifle through the bargain bins outside the legendary Empire Exchange on Newton St.

This has been around for…ever? and sells records, thousands of old copies of magazines, football programmes, curios, memorabilia, VHSs, DVDs, CDs, MDs and YMCAs. And a massive load of porn in the back room.

I scurried through the little crate outside, the sun beating a tan into my pale, Saxon hide, only stopping to brush off the advances of two men trying to sell me a stolen phone. What I came out with, for my £1 spend was nothing short of a treasure trove.

#1 Tina Charles – Rendezvous b/w When You Got Love

Kind of generic poppy soul pre-disco from 1976. It’s not blowing me away. This one scores 4 sunny smiles out of 10.

#2 Lol Creme and Kevin Godley – 5 O’clock in the Morning b/w The Flood

A side is a real 10CC-esque piece about working life. If you don’t already know, Godley and Creme were the creative force behind 10CC. Lots of harmonic vocal blasts, haunting solo bits and key changes. Sometimes you get the feeling that they pull their production tricks out of the bag because they can, rather than because they should. The B is a weird instrumental featuring what sounds like a dripping tap but which I suspect is them playing with a synth and a sequencer. It goes round the houses before kicking into a rocking rhythm about 30 seconds before the run-out groove. There’s sample fodder in this for sure.

the version on the 7″ isn’t exactly like that; it’s a bit shorter.

#3 Pussycat – Mississippi b/w Do It

I was expecting (optimistically) some kind of chilled lounge, exotica, funk or something based on those names but I got pop country weirdness. Did not like.

#4 Steve Miller Band – Rock ‘n’ Me b/w The Window

I found it! I’ve been after this The Window forever but it doesn’t come up on eBay so often. The A side isn’t that great but the flip is *insane*. Ridiculously sample-able bassline intro, Zappa-esque bridgey thing (sounds just like part of Florentine Pogen) and a redonculous vocal performance by Steven himself.

All-in-all a very well-spent quid, I feel. Keep an eye-out for one, all or none of these in my upcoming “forty five 45s” mix (release scheduled January 2018).


Ich bin ein Germanmusikfan

I have the dubious fortune of having spent part of my life living in Germany. As a result I’ve been exposed to a fair bit of German music. This has never made much of an impact in the UK  so I’m going to run down some of my favourite German tunes right here and right now.

#1: Die Ärzte – Westerland

This is a song by one of Germany’s best-loved and most famous groups. They just play fun rock with amusing lyrics instead of the cardboard sentiments found in anglophone rock and pop. This song is about ironically yearning for a popular North Sea holiday resort. Honestly.

#2; Wir Sind Helden – Nur ein Wort

This is a proper love song. Anyone who thinks the German language is brutal and ugly should listen to this. I first heard this in a German club and saw my flatmate dancing round like an idiot. It’s a little known fact that Germans cannot actually dance but they employ certain “movement techniques” to make up for this. These include pointing at each other in time to the music, spinning around very fast and jumping up and down very fast.

#3; Peter Fox – Haus am See

This is a kind of chilled out swing number. It sounds awful but it sounds like Michael Bublé could sing over this but he would murder it, whereas Peter Fox growls over it and makes it sexeh!

#4: Geier Sturzflug – Bruttosozialprodukt

This is from the “new German wave” of music in the early 80s. This song is about increasing gross domestic product and working hard.

Part 2 still to come!

The Beautiful South – Perfect 10

This song popped into my head just now. Felt it deserved an airing. I think if I timed it right I could get away with dropping this into a set. It’s borderline funky, a bit saucy, and it has a chorus you can whistle along to for the mums and dads. Plus Jacqui Abbott is giving a saucy glance in the video – ooooooh missus!

I went through a big Beautiful South phase when I wa sa student. They get a lot of flak as an MOR band in the same boat as the Lighthouse Family or the M People but people who say that have clearly never listened to their music. Having said that all three of those are dead certs for your parent’s 90s CD collection amiright? Their greatest hits collection Solid Bronze is meant to be like the third best-selling album in the UK ever but that could be hearsay. Not the band Hear’Say – I mean bollocks basically.


DJ Prince – a northern soul

I’ve just found out about a guy called DJ Prince. He seems to be a big deal in his native Norway but this is the first I’ve heard of him – no surprises there then. His SoundCloud has some great reworks and mashups so I’ve helped myself. It’s pretty dancefloor friendly and some of it is straight out clubcheese so have a root around and see what takes your fancy.

Thanks Mr. Prince!

Hey Mariaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Came across this the other day. This was from back when Mariah kicked it live. The sound quality’s not great though.