It’s been a while


Hmmmm…I kind of stopped blogging because I ran out of things to say but now I feel like starting again, because I feel like I have some stuff to say again.

In reality I’ve never been busier from a “professional DJ” point of view. The second half of 2012 was my busiest 6 months yet. What that meant was I actually had less time to focus on the fun aspects of the craft like buying new music and improving my techniques.

At the same time I started back at uni full-time, while still holding down my day job two days a week.

All this left very little time for blogging and, to be honest, very little time to think about the kind of stuff I might go on to blog about.

Nothing massive has changed but I’ve managed to shimmy some stuff around in my life and I have some thinking space. What can you expect?

  1. Some more digging reports, starting with this weekend’s trip to Whitstable. I think that’s my first new vinyl purchases since the last post on here.
  2. Some better dig reports. Until mine are at the same level as heightfiveseven‘s Logan Melissa I won’t be happy.
  3. Perhaps some new mixes if I have time.
  4. Eventually a new website. I’m going to have time as of May, so one of my jobs is a redesign of this site. It will be a permanent site for my mixes and should serve as an online contact card, incorporating this blog section as a very occasional news part.

A teaser of what’s to come? 



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