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Some of my worst records spark worst meme ever

I made this short video to showcase some of my worst/cheesiest/most embarassing records back in July this year

That’s what you get being a charity shop scrounger with too many 50ps to spend. A friend has recently commented that the zydeco record on there sounds like “fruit machine music”. Bang on my friend.

My mate Chris who runs the rather excellent gear and music site Oh Drat! posted up a reply

…which sparked the most minor internet craze ever. I say internet craze, it was more like a funny turn. After a reply from MR Texas Pete of El Paso Switzerland, the old and decrepit (or wise and venerable, depending on whether you want him to do you a favour) DJ Sigma posted the vid on the sadly forgotten DJ Forums which elicited a single, final death throw for the genre.

What a whirlwind few days.