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Virgin Magnetic Material – edit maven

One of my absolute favourite blogs over the past couple of years is AORDisco. They recently featured an interview with a Shai Vardi, a guy based in Israel who goes by the handle Virgin Magnetic Material. He’s been cranking out dancefloor friendly edits of rock and pop songs for over two years. Looking at his Soundcloud you’re spoilt for choice but the standout track is one that I’m almost ashamed to admit.

Cast your minds back to the summer of 1995. Whatwere you doing? I remember going on a Scout camp (cos I was cool) and being inducted into the hypnotic and gentle melodies of the Outhere Brothers, but a far bigger hit was Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill. My mum rinsed that album in her Peugeot 306 and I defy anyone to pick out a bad track on it. No, I DARE you to pick out a bad track. There isn’t one! But my least favourite was You Oughtta Know, for the record. Now VMM has flipped my previous sense of what was right and wrong when it comes to ballsy Canadian singer-songwriters on its head!

Please don’t report me to the cool police.