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Action Bronson London matinée gig and new mixtape

So Bam Bam Bronson is rolling into town in two weeks and I left it too late to get my ticket for the evening show. “But Mike?” you ask. “Why don’t you use your list of extensive contacts in The Industry™ to score a VIP pass?”. Here’s why. I got me a ticket to the 4pm show. Yeah that’s right. The hip hop matinée.

To prep me for this My Bronson has been kind enough to plop out a mixtape. In my day we called them EPs (shit, I already made that joke) but it’s pretty good and funded by Bolton’s own Reebok. You can download it here. Or peep my favourite track NOW!

Action Bronson – Tan Leather


Go Action Bronson Go Go Go Go!

Mr. Action Bronson has recorded himself saying some poetry over a rhthmic beat created by Mr.  Statik Selectah.

I really like this, more part one that part two. Because Mr. Bronson has had a hit with Shiraz, I’ve asked guest blogger and bug-eyed wine foghorn Oly Smith to review this first section for me.

Action Bronson has been working with Statik Selektah for over a year now and this beat really pulls out all the stops (haha!). I’m getting Boyz II Men on the nose with lots of powerful, punchy gogo drums to really cut through the fattiness of the duck. The finish is bright, crisp and leaves a clean moutfeel with a new jack swing aftertaste. Although this is a white rapper, the flow packs a lot of the beef and swagger of a more rubust, black rapper. think Ghostface Killah, think Raekwon and you’ll have a good idea of where this is going!