Dave’ll fix it.

Check out this mix. Do it now!


This mix has blown  me away because it looks like Naughty Dave has gone into my record bag or spotted me playing one of my legendary secret guerilla gigs and robbed my setlist.

I might send this mix out as my new promo and say “I didn’t do it but I may as well have done”.

In his own words Dave sez:

Way, way back, when men were men & perms were de rigeur, Dave Grogan, a thrusting young orderly, met Halifax Hospital Radio legend Barry Peters in a chance union that would change the face of pub gigs in the north of England forever. Together, they travelled the length & breadth of Yorkshire thrilling audiences with their musical daring & enviable wardrobe. But, after 25 years of non-stop party nonsense, these two have had to part ways. Stop that crying dear reader because Dave now flies solo, one man on a mission to reduce working men’s clubs into havens of gay abandon up & down the country. And it seems to be working. He has built up quite a following (24 friends on Twitter) and is now ready to unveil his quite literally (well, not literally) blinding Bestimix. Featuring such musical greats as Debarge, Buggles & household faves Statler & Waldorf (no, us neither), this is one exclusive deejay session not to be missed!


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