Somebody stop mehhhhhhhhh

Yes I’m still alive.

I’ve been spending my time getting wet/sunburnt as the British weather dictates rather than wittering on on the internet. Plus I’ve been  gigging a lot more this year than last so that’s been taking up my time and has allowed me to flex my extensive 20-track arsenal of “dance” music to unhappy crowds throughout Sadiq Khan’s fiefdoms.

So speaking of gigs I have one coming up which is a masquerade ball. I guess I don’t have to get a mask but I want to, so I shall mother. I bet no DJs have ever thought of wearing masks before! This can be my gimmick. And let’s face I sorely need one. I’m having trouble standing out amongst people who are somehow better than me at playing pre-recorded pieces of music.


BUMS! Daft Punk!

WILLIES! Dead Mouse (yeah I got no ‘speck)

POO! Jaguar Skills


GOLLOCKS! I have no clue who this is. Probably someone dead trendy like Pete Tong or The Vengaboys. DJ Hitlerfrog let’s call him.

So I’m gonna either go for a full-on gimp mask or possibly something in a Mankind direction.




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