Adrock came to me in a dream

I haaaad a dreeeeeeeeam…about a Beeeeeeeeastie Booooooooooooooy.

It went like this: Adrock was at my house for some reason and I made a really nice tea which was like Japanese food like a noodle soup or something. Also present were my dad, his girlfriend and one of my best mates from school who was mad into the Beastie Boys with me.

After tea Adrock suggests going out because he knows a cool place and we get there and it tuns out it’s more of a restaurant than a bar and we’re like: “but we just ate” but we’re too polite to say anything.

The food starts coming and it’s one of them places where it’s a tasting menu so you get lots of little courses. I get the impression it’s also kind of expensive. My dad and his GF aren’t too impressed with the first couple of courses so they make their excuses and leave, plus it’s pretty late by then and I’m really panicking about the cost since I’ve got bugger all money with me and nothing in my account. This is just a reflection of real life at the moment for me.

Anyway Adrock’s going on about the restaurant and how good it is and how he always comes here when he’s in London. I’m secretly a bit pissed off because he’s taken us out to eat after I gave him a perfectly nice dinner that I’d made, plus he’s gone all celebrity and he’s looking round to see who’s in the place rather than talking to us. Furthermore it turns out there’s also a bar there so he COULD have just said “let’s go for drinks” so I’m confused as to why we’re eating food.

After a bit I just say: “how much is this gonna cost?” cos at no point have I seen a menu, they just brought the food, which is a bad sign and he’s really evasive on the price so I say “look, I’ve not got much money. I didn’t ask to come here and I’ve already eaten so I’m not even hungry. It’s alright for you famous rap stars to come here but we’re in a double dip recession etc. etc.”.

I wasn’t angry, just kind of confused as to why he’d taken us out to eat.

Anyway he agreed to pay and was pretty humble about it and then the mood kind of improved and he understood where I was coming from, then the dream ended.

Not once did we discuss MCA or the Beastie Boys’ careers at any point.

I got visited by one of my musical heroes in a dream and all I did was worry about the social niceties of dining out.

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