End of the month roundup

Spring has sprung. I can tell not because of the sun, but because I’m on the lookout for new bike parts.

March saw the completion of my latest mix, Happy Hop:

I’m already seeing some love on Twitter and from the excellent Pipomixes, who was kind enough to reblog.

I’ve also got some interesting gigs in the pipeline, but not for you! An Anglo-African wedding and my mate’s 30th. Should be a challenge. I’ll be checking out Awesome Tapes From Africa for sure before the wedding. I guess I’m being culturally insensitive by thinking about “African” music. Makes about as much sense as European or American music.

Around the web I’ve been seeing a tonne of stuff I like but I’ve been way too busy with the necessary grind of my job to blog more about it. Expect to see more on Daryl Hall, Sen Dog, Bon Iver, Piano Breaks, The Smiths and 80s Spanish turntablis in the next few weeks.

For now roll up a fat daffodil cigarette, put that shoulder of lamb in the oven and boil an Easter egg.

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