Jamaican MCs: a better class of rapper?

What a natural-sounding pun. Sorry for the lack of updates over the past week. I’m sitting on pure posts but what with one thing and another I ain’t had time to put into words the genius thoughts in my head.

Thought for the day number one: are those ashtrays the most tacky things ever made? Thought for the day two: are MCs of Jamaican heritage automatically awesome rappers? The case for:

Chubb Rock. Born in Kingston, one of my favourite ever rappers. Sometimes drops into a little ragga flow like on this freestyle verse on the last ever Yo! MTV Raps. In at 2:52.

You may have noticed KRS-One on that clip as well if you rewind a tad. He’s well known for dropping bits of patois into his raps. Let’s pick one at random, errr…GO!

Another one is Heavy D who tells us that he was “born in Jamaica, Mt. Vernon I grew”

Busta Rhymes has two Jamaican parents and rips it up in a pretty unique way

That video used to get heavy rotation on MTV Base back in the day.
Finally, perhaps only a Jamaican MC such as the master Douglas E. Frehsington could come up with lyrics like this. Yeah it’s a duet piece, wannafightaboudit?

Woman: ‘scuse me Doug E. Fresh some one to see you named Bob

Doug: Bob?

Woman: Yes, Bob.

Doug: Who drives that old white Saab? Tell him to wait I’m eating lunch I’m having corn on the cob.

[sarcastic trumpet riff]

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