Odds and sods for this unique day

Since this day only comes but once every four years, I thought I’d treat all you loyal readers with a collection of stuff that wasn’t important enough to warrant a whole post. Not that I have great quality-control criteria anyway.

Madass New Zealand funky female space rap

A killer break from Jeff Beck (just press play and listen to the first 10 seconds)

HAHAHAH the 80s!!11!!1!!1 “Look how funky he is”

Cypress Hill have gone dubstep. Yeah.

And finally: “Did you ever notice” part four (or three, whatever): In Bounce, Rock. Skate, Roll. by Vaughn Mason, the claps come in half way through a bar. Don’t look it up on YouTube, because the version I’m after isn’t on there (again) but listen to the original 12″ version and it does. I’m telling you!

Speaking of which, *fnarr fnarr* you can catch me handling a large black 12 inch or two at The Antleope, Tooting, London on 10th March where I’ll be rocking the crowds with funk and soul and possibly some other stuff too. Last time was a blast so get yourself down.


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