Ich bin ein Germanmusikfan

I have the dubious fortune of having spent part of my life living in Germany. As a result I’ve been exposed to a fair bit of German music. This has never made much of an impact in the UK  so I’m going to run down some of my favourite German tunes right here and right now.

#1: Die Ärzte – Westerland

This is a song by one of Germany’s best-loved and most famous groups. They just play fun rock with amusing lyrics instead of the cardboard sentiments found in anglophone rock and pop. This song is about ironically yearning for a popular North Sea holiday resort. Honestly.

#2; Wir Sind Helden – Nur ein Wort

This is a proper love song. Anyone who thinks the German language is brutal and ugly should listen to this. I first heard this in a German club and saw my flatmate dancing round like an idiot. It’s a little known fact that Germans cannot actually dance but they employ certain “movement techniques” to make up for this. These include pointing at each other in time to the music, spinning around very fast and jumping up and down very fast.

#3; Peter Fox – Haus am See

This is a kind of chilled out swing number. It sounds awful but it sounds like Michael Bublé could sing over this but he would murder it, whereas Peter Fox growls over it and makes it sexeh!

#4: Geier Sturzflug – Bruttosozialprodukt

This is from the “new German wave” of music in the early 80s. This song is about increasing gross domestic product and working hard.

Part 2 still to come!

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