The Old Grey Whistle Rip-Off

Spotify is good isn’t it? You can be listening to a track by, say, Todd Rundgren:

And you notice that said track is on a compilation called The Old Grey Whistle Test along with such pumping club bangers as Warren Zevon’s Kid Rock sample fodder Werewolves in London; Dumb and Dumber singalong special Mockingbird and Joe Walsh’s proggy, AOR, reggae-pop-rock THINGIE Life’s Been Good:

I think James Taylor might have been on something in that last video. Anyway, the compilation looked so good that I was almost tempted to do something I have only done twice before – pay for digital music. Unfortunately the download was £8.49 for some lossy files so I’m going to download them for free instead, which is illegal. I hope Amazon’s proud of themselves! I suppose I could always buy the CD for a bargainous £15, or get a used CD from Play for £6.99!

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One response to “The Old Grey Whistle Rip-Off”

  1. Jack says :

    Mike, this is the po-lice. You’re already wanted for crimes against facial hair, so don’t push it.

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