I’m just workshopping here man…

I’m always talking to my super elite DJ friends about how I’m such a creative fountain that I have too many ideas for mixes (that I never finish). One of these is a mix which I’ve dubbed “the wob mix” in my head because it’ll include songs that have unusual sounding synths in it.

So far I have two songs in mind – Rebbie Jackson’s Centipede and I can’t wait by Nu Shooz. Admittedly they don’t have any particularly unusual synths in but the weird (sampled vocals?) riff in I can’t wait and the falsetto “CENTIPEDE” chorus qualify them. now I just need another 28 songs or so and I’ll have a mix.

Another one I have in mind is for super minimal hip hop – just vocals and drums. I have a lot of songs from about 1985 so far. I think it’s going to be quite harsh. The name? SM58Tr808.



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