Digger’s Diary – Music and Video Exchange, Berwick St., London

In these times of reduced means, one must find pleasures in the small luxuries. That’s why I armed myself with 25p and a large stick and hit the sordid streets of Soho to find a bargain 7 inch. I mean a cheap thrill. Uh, I mean I want to look through some bins and find a dusty old relic I can take home and slip out of its plastic casing and – [that’s enough tedious sexual references, ed.]

Music and Video Exchange has several branches and most have a proper bargain basement full of absolute tat they can’t shift hidden gems.

So what did I go for? Well I didn’t choose one of the dozen or so copies of Alphabeat’s Big in Japan (because I already have the 12″) and I didn’t go for a cracked copy of Heart’s Alone but I did see something I liked the name of: the A-side is called Slip and Slide and the reverse has tune called Cajun Kick and the band is called Medicine Head. My zydeco side convinced me to lay down the quarter pounder on this baby and I wasn’t disappointed. Observe!




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