What’s the deal with Browning Bryant?

So I’m listening to this mix by DJ Supermarkt (check it out it’s ace) and all of a sudden this song pops up and I’m like “Hello?! Who the heck is this guy with the super soulful gentle voice?!”. What’s that all about?

This is apparently what it’s all about: Browning Bryant was a teen idol in the 60s who went to ground for a few years before popping back up aged 16 with a self-titled album of soul songs produced by Allen Toussaint and with The Meters as a backing band. Liverpool Fool was written by Toussaint and is so beautifully sung it makes me want to rip out my own vocal chords in a jealous rage because I can’t sing it.

The LP in question seems borderline raer. I’ve never seen it and the staff at my local second-hand record stores hadn’t either. It occasionally appears on eBay US around the $30 mark. I’m watching eBay UK for it like a hawk.

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