Blast from the past

Somebody reminded me of this song today.

It really is a beautiful song. Reminds me of when I lived in France. I started going to “guitar club” which was basically me and this other dude meeting up to mess about on guitar. He was a massively talented multi-instrumentalist and I am me so with the disparity in ability  it bascially became a personal tutoring session. I think I spent about two months trying to master this song which has basically two patterns and three chords.

When I came back from France I bought decks.

Anyway, the song is about a man called Paul Robeson who was also phenomenally talented. He was a qualified lawyer, all-American college football star, professional NFL player, celebrated actor, civil-rights activist and all-round good dude but his legacy was long-forgotten due to his outspoken support for socialism and communism during the cold war.

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